Vintage Pinball – The Missing Link

The thing about Vintage Pinball machines is that they are great to look at, wonderful to play, but they are getting harder and harder to find to play one.

Local bars have stopped siting them and the local arcades have stopped placing them also, preferring gaming machines instead. It’s a real shame because up to the mid nineties they were to be found absolutely everywhere. So what went wrong?

The bubble burst for the coin op amusement business in the mid nineties with the advent of the Sony PlayStation and then the Xbox, Wii etc. All of a sudden you could buy top quality games to play at home, so why go to an arcade to shovel loads of money into a machine. That was the first nail in the coffin. For pinball machines the problem was one of over supply and poor quality manufacturing which, meant numerous engineer callouts to replace parts and the site owners just got fed up with machines being constantly out of order. It was a double whammy. Pinball for sale

Having worked in the UK coin op amusement industry back in the nineties with one of the main distributors, I had the opportunity to witness first hand the rise and fall of the pinball machine from the lofty heights of the Addams Family Pinball which was a phenomenon that outsold everything else, to a slow but steady decline in demand in subsequent models.

Having sold many pinball machines around that time all over Europe, it was the same problem everywhere, too many models and poor quality control during manufacturing.

The Vintage Pinball machines were quite often scrapped and replaced with the newer ones which didn’t work any better, they just looked nicer, a lot of the older models ended up in Africa in countries where they were still considered a bit of a novelty.

My fan page will try to fill in some gaps in information online about vintage pinball and new pinball machines from an industry point of view, rather than solely from a pure enthusiasts viewpoint and I hope that will give some insights into the pinball business of the past and present.


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